Clinic Policies

  1. A valid insurance card must be presented for all visits.  Without a valid insurance card charges may apply.
  2. Patients are seen on a triaged basis for walk in services; not first come first served.
  3. We do not put a patient on the wait list if they are not present to register
  4. No lab or test results will be given over the phone.
  5. You will not be contacted if lab results or tests are negative. If the doctor asks you to follow up, it is expected that you will do so.
  6. Prescriptions are not filled or refilled over the phone. You are required to come in person to obtain any repeats for medications. Please have names and doses ready.
  7. No narcotics or controlled substances will be prescribed at this clinic.
  8. The clinic hours are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to stop taking walk in patients once we have reached capacity for the day.
  9. Not all services are covered. Please enquire when checking in.
  10. The physician will try to accommodate more than one issue per visit, but may limit each visit to one main issue. This will help the overall flow and allow you to be seen in a timely manner.
  11. If you have forms for the physician to fill out or need a note, providing them is at the discretion of the physician. Charges may apply.
  12. Physicians can only provide services to patients they see. All patients must be present and registered at time of visit.
  13. All information between you and the physician is confidential. If you wish to send your visit to your family doctor, please inform the office staff.
  14. Wait times given out are estimates only. If you choose to leave the clinic and miss your turn, you will be removed from the list.
  15. Medical Services Plan pays for only one visit to any doctor per day. If you have already been seen at another clinic or in the Emergency Room today, please inform the front desk.

Zero Tolerance Policy for Aggressive Behaviour / Physical or Verbal Abuse toward:

Front Office Staff



In the event of such behavior you will be asked to leave the clinic / the police will be called.

You will be banned from future care at this facility unless you have a life-threatening condition.

Thank you!